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An Independent GenaSante Review – Is This The Health And Wellness MLM For You?

Since you have found your way to this GenaSante review, you are most likely evaluating the company and its opportunity. As of this writing GenaSante is in pre-launch. While it is very important to look closely at any MLM opportunity, it is doubly important to look closely at a pre-launch MLM. Here is the good and the bad. Good: a pre-launch can really be a ground floor opportunity. You can get ahead of the wave and make huge money. Bad: there may not be a wave. Or at least not a big one. A Network Marketing company is like any other company. They are a safer investment when they have been around a while.This doesn’t mean they can’t work out. They can and do work. It all depends on your risk tolerance. So what does GenaSante do? They are looking to become a major player in a huge market. The health and wellness market. A market this size will attract a very large number of competitors. It helps to have a Unique Selling Proposition. GenaSante seems to have one with the unique ingredient in their products. The company calls this ingredient “MoorMax”. It is nanonized bioactive extract which contains humic acid. I personally don’t really know what that means, but it works at the cellular level to regenerate new cells. Humic acid can be obtained from several sources, but GenaSante gets theirs from an 18,000 year old Canadian bog which once was a fertile valley. It became sealed from external oxygen and began to decompose. Eventually it turned in to this very rich bio nutrient. The company has medical research and testimonials about the beneficial effects of this product on health.GenaSante is actually the marketing branch of the main company, which is called Golden Moor. The leaders are three men with long experience in direct sales and health and wellness. The CEO is Monte Taylor, Jr., who was the CEO of a direct sales company. COO John Souza has built successful health and wellness companies in the past. The president is Marc Saint-Onge. Mr. Saint Onge has over 2 decades of experience developing products for this industry. He is also the president of Golden Moor. The team at the top of GenaSante looks very good.All of the company’s health and wellness products contain “MoorMax”, which has been linked to wellness and longevity. The product line is made up of such products as healthy drinks with anti-oxidinats, supplements, healthy tea, and the like. The line also includes bath products, face and body creams, and an ionic foot spa machine. GenaSante also has healthy foods like olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It is a pretty extensive product line for such a new company.The company uses a binary compensation plan, which is very common in the MLM industry. It is different from some other plans, so be sure you understand what’s going on there. There are five ways to get paid in this plan. Retail sales; Fast Start bonuses; your residual income, which comes from product sales in your downline team; Matching Bonuses through 5 levels, and a Global Revenue pool. The plan in similar to the comp plans in many other MLM companies. It is a good plan, and the right person can do very well.Genasante has the right components you would look for in a good pre-launch MLM. Good management, good products, a good compensation plan. Unfortunately, its marketing is not as advanced as its products. Genasante is already marketing itself. You won’t need to do that. To be successful you will need to market yourself. There is a way to position yourself as an expert, generate leads online, and make money from people who don’t join your business. Master these and become successful.